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Racing Rules & Information

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Racing Rules & Information Empty Racing Rules & Information

Post by Jay x Craig on 26/04/17, 09:15 am

Qualifying will be setup by the lobby host for the full event, unless stated otherwise.
The session will have a set number of laps that will be specified in the Race Calendar for that series.
The result of the qualification process will determine where each driver is on the starting grid.
Fastest lap times will be taken from the lobby host at the end of the qualifying session.
Clean lap times will override dirty laps, (Forza's in game defiance).
After qualification is finished, the lobby host will then setup the required race settings, please be aware this could take up to 15 mins for race 1 to start.

Race Starts
The lobby host will call out grid positions and as your name is called out, you may leave the grid and follow the rest of the group. (Unless using forza's in game grid position editor)
Drivers will form into their race start positions whilst completing 1 warm-up lap around the track, the pace car (1st) will hold a speed of about 80MPH / 129KPH.
Once all cars are ready and in correct grid positions the lobby host will call out the permitted race start time. (Top right Race Clock on screen)

The race will only restart if 3 or more cars have been involved in an incident and have moderate damage, within the first 2 laps.
Otherwise they will have to start at the end of pit exit and must not pull onto the track until the last car on track has passed (Unless drivers have stalled or have been damaged) and it is safe to do so.

Racing Conduct

The driver in front has the right to choose any line, so long as not to be considered Blocking. The car in front must not change their line more than once and this may be seen as weaving which may result in a penalty.
It is the overtaking drivers responsibility to make any decision to pass another car, therefore must do it safely. If not they may be penalised.
The driver that is to be overtaken must be aware that if they are being passed they do not attempt to block the passing drivers line on-track. If they do, the driver may be penalised.
All lapped cars must be aware of approaching lapping cars and must use communication and pass safely. If lapped cars are found to have blocked lapping cars, they may receive penalty points from the SSRC Stewards.
Any driver to use over aggressive driving on track will be penalised by the SSRC Stewards.

Track Limits
All cars must have 2 wheels on the track at all times. Limits are defined by the white lines on the edge of the track. This includes kerbs (White and Red rumble strips) where applicable.
Drivers who repeatedly exceed track limits may receive a penalty from the SSRC Stewards. Unless it was to avoid a collision or if another car has blocked your ability to stay within track limits.
Drivers who do not re-enter the track safely may receive a penalty from the SSRC Stewards.

The Pit-Lane
The pit-lane will be open on the lap stated by the lobby host, so that you can make your mandatory pit-stop for the race. You MUST pit within the allocated pit window stated by the lobby host, before the end of the race. This information is also available from the race calendar thread.
Drivers must make sure all 4 wheels are kept within the pit entrance / pit exit lines. Failure to do so will result in a SSRC Steward Inquiry, if it's been raised. (You can raise an inquiry by filling out a SSRC Stewards Inquiry Form) after the race.

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